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About us!

HIWORLD, which plays a significant role as a driving force for trading of Korea & Iran, is deploying a variety of businesses in diverse areas including international trading, manufacturing, sales. HIWORLD will continue to serve its role as cornerstone for the expansion of Korea and Iran’s imports and exports.

Professional Staff

- Languages Spoken : Korean, Farsi, English

- Ability to control various product groups.

- A Large Network of 4000+ Retailers in Korea

- Deep Knowledge in the Local Market

Why us?

- Are you looking to expand and export to Korea/Iran?

- Are you looking to open a franchise in Korea/Iran?

- Are you looking to source Korean/Iran products?

- Are you looking for a Korean/Persian interpreter?


Finding the right supplier is the most important part of international trade. With the right network of suppliers and distributors, HIWORLD makes the process smooth and reliable.


Interpretation is very important for market research, business meeting and trip. Let us help you for your success business.


From procurement to logistics, HIWORLD takes care of the importing/exporting process easy and fast.

Main Clients

Main Office : 305, Dosan-daero 176, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06040)

Contact : +82 2-6369-4899  

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